Synthetic & Instant Turf

Instant Turf

Instant turf is the best way to effortlessly achieve new spring green all year round. We use free cut grass grown in optimal conditions without having to worry about wear and tear damaging young blades. So your lawn, park, or sports field is always in prime condition.

We always properly prepare the soil so the instant grass can thrive after installation. With the correct fertilisers and mineral levels for the specific grass, your turf will be healthier longer. Cosmic Landscaping can also provide you with all the important upkeep tips to keep that fresh in-season green.

Synthetic Turf

If you need grass in a high traffic area such as a sports field or running track, or just don’t want to spend the resources in constant upkeep, synthetic turf solves your problems. With colours ranging from natural green to red or black with sports field markings, synthetic turf can provide a much better fit in these circumstances. For turf with a much longer lifetime in heavy use areas, synthetic is the way to go.

For expert instant and synthetic turf installment, call Cosmic Landscaping today on 0419 557 385.